Wednesday, 31 March 2010


As a final year student (a very poor one at that) I was surprised to learn I have two homes, my university home and now a place I live, eat and sometimes even sleep at... the library!! I am snowed under with work and procrastination is a beautiful thing, so in-between listening to every music video on your tube and watching numerous films online (everyone MUST see Shutter Island) me and my friends decided to make life a lot more interesting with... THE CHALLENGE!

As an avid movie lover (I will watch any film at least once) I watched Yes Man and was inspired to try out this theory that saying yes in the long run can lead to great things. So for two weeks I will be YES girl, documenting everything I have had to do over this period, tallying up when yes has payed off when I may of usually said No. I think we can all relate to a time in our lives when we have been asked to go out or do something, we know that technically we could go, but then wait... the excuses begin; ‘I’m too tired’ ‘I’m busy that day’ or even as lame as ‘I’m washing my hair’.

I have said many excuses myself to friends and family but in hindsight there really was no reason I could not do most of the things I said no to. I am hoping this challenge will shed some light onto whether or not by saying yes the doors of opportunity open up for me! If anything I know this will be an interesting, funny, crazy, adventurous, interesting and spontaneous couple of weeks. (photographic evidence will be provided)

Already I have said my first yes... I have three 3,000 word essays in for Monday and I should be chained to my library computer seat HOWEVER being yes girl, I have been invited out to a cave girl party tonight for my friend’s birthday! So I have officially have 6 hours to at least get one of these essays done, goodbye procrastination... hello work.

So bring on the crazy fun and let the good times roll.

YES - 0 NO -0