Friday, 2 April 2010

STA world traveller internship

I thought I would share with you one of my biggest passions... travel, I think it’s one of those things everyone loves to do but people rarely gets the chance to do it, maybe because of money or time or even just the fear of going into the unknown out of their comfort zone, it really does scare people. However when it comes to me I want to be involved in everything and anything the scarier the better, that why I applied for the STA WTI, this internship gives me the oppourtunity to travel around the world for 3 whole months documenting via the means of blogs, videos and photographs, everything I see, feel and do. This really is the oppoutunity of a lifetime, one that you would be crazy not to apply for... as they say you have got to be in it to win it, so I made my application video and I got into the top 50 arghhhhhhhh.

The top 20 is the next round and this is when the competition really gets tough! There are a lot of great competitors out there ones who live, eat and breathe travel like I do so this will be no easy feat but I am up for the challenge and hopefully STA will see how committed I am to this internship. I think of myself as a realist therefore I have prepared myself for the best and worst case scenarios, therefore if I don’t get this internship STA better remember this face because the whole year I am waiting for the 2nd year of the competition, I am going to build up my CV like crazy showing them that I am never held back by minor setbacks, it only makes me want it more...

One competitor I take my hat off to is Paddy Doyle, I watched some of his videos on youtube and I could watch him all day, he is funny, interesting and makes travelling look epic, if I don’t get one of the 2 places, I hope he does. I think he would definitely be an epic person to travel with, a sense of humour whilst travelling is a must, I always bring fun and humour to every situation good or bad and I believe he does the same... I also really like Rusja her artwork melts my heart a little lol. But enough about other contestants STA has to choose me!!!! I would walk on hot coals for this, eat glass even break my mum’s heart by not letting her watch her only daughter graduate! Now that’s got to count for something right.

STA PICK MEEEEEEEE otherwise you will break my heart and have to wait a whole year to regret your decision and rectify it by choosing me next time... now doesn’t that seem like too much effort lol.

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