Sunday, 11 April 2010

Nail biting stuff

This is it folks... the calm before the storm, whether that is a good or bad storm is yet to be decided. The STA WTI top 20 will officially be decided tomorrow, the 12th of April 2010! A date I’m sure I will not forget in a hurry even after it has passed and I have to say in the most polite way possible, I’m bricking it lol. I feel like I am in a movie and the coach comes up to me and says “This is it... make or break time” well let’s hope to high heavens it make time. Well all I can do now is wait, this is well and truly out of my hands and when I see that top 20, frantically looking for my face amongst the crowd, I hope to see mine, and I would be lying if I said I would not be highly disappointed if it was not there. I am not a positive or negative person, I like to think of myself as in-between... a realist, and realistically I need to shine out over 30 other people and somehow give the judges what their looking for! Would you be confident? Or would you way up the odds like I have and decide that there is a high possibility I will not realise my dream and not be in the top 20 let alone becoming the STA WTI 2010. However there is that glimmer of hope that keeps me from being pessimistic to just being a normal person with normal feelings in a situation like this.

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