Monday, 5 April 2010

To be or not to be... That is the question!

The STA WTI has become my full-time job these past few months and although it has been hard work I have loved every minute of it. People say hard work pays off and in this case it really did, I made it into the top 50 applicants for the internship and I could not have been happier. However on this journey behind the one mountain I have climbed another one much larger was behind it and this time it would most definitely be no easy feat to climb to the top.

STA gave each applicant a full application form to fill out, enabling them to better decide who is most qualified for the job at hand. Answering such questions is always difficult because you just don’t know what STA are looking for, therefore the only person I can be is myself, try my hardest and hope for the best, surgically crossing everything that can possibly be crossed. One of the question on the application form was ' what is your ideal travel destination?' this question was very taxing to answer because as an individual who loves to travel, can there really be an ideal travel destination or is there only places you would love to visit at that moment in time. I believe the latter to be true because anyone with a thirst for travel would choose anywhere in the world as their ideal destination, if a place needs exploring than it’s a place I would love to visit. Consequently I could only choose countries that I would love to travel to at that moment in time, each place I choose to travel to will change as I experience new things in my life. For that reason, my answer to STA would have to be Kenya in Africa, for the past couple of years it is a place I have dreamed to explore especially African tribal life (Above is a video I made giving my full answer and also what other peoples ideal destinations were in comparison to my own).

So the deadline for the top 20 is tomorrow at midnight and god only knows when they will announce the top 20! I’m sure it will be another nail biting x-factor-esq wait, where STA keep us hanging until the very last minute. Well all I can say is good luck to everyone and I could not have done more, so in the spirit of 'may the best man win'... 'May the best 20 get through'... For the love of god let it be me *cough* *cough*.

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