Thursday, 8 April 2010

The world is my Oyster

The end of an era has come upon 11am on a sunny day in spring on the 8th of April I had my last ever seminar at university! Never again will I be able to get back the time I have had at university or the fun times I have had with a diverse group of amazing people. All I am left with now are the good memories and some bad, but boy was university a rollercoaster of a lifetime and I did not want to get off, but I just got too big and it’s time to get on a brand new rollercoaster and enjoy the brand new ride hehe. The world is my Oyster how I choose to tackle it is up to me. The big wide world is out there waiting for me; I just hope I can find my place in it, because right now the concept of finding a job that I want to do for the rest of my life is a very daunting thought. So goodbye Kent University you have been good to me for sooo many years, but now I must fly the nest and hope to god that saying is true because if the world truly is my oyster I’m leaving something brilliant to go onto something amazing... What that is yet I don’t know but I’m feeling optimistic.

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  1. very sweet! i did'nt think till now but i too have had my last lecture last week! sad times! x x