Thursday, 1 April 2010

Morning after the night before

It’s the morning after the night before and officially the beginning of my full day as Yes girl, which started yesterday evening. Three essays each 3,000 words long in for Monday the 5th of April and a finger had not touched the keyboard! Now any normal person when asked to go out would most definitely say no, however now on this experiment/challenge of mine YES was the only words that could leave that trembling mouth of mine that so eagerly wanted to scream no! I had procrastinated so much I needed a miracle to get this all done in time, however there is most definitely a silver lining to this story...

6.15pm arrives I have been in the library since 8.30am and essay number one has been written and it’s time to go home and get my cave girl outfit ready for the nights activities. The outfit was thrown together very last minute as I had no intention whatsoever so go out but above are a couple photos of me and the girls. The night I have to say was epic so much fun and I would even go as far to say that me going out was the reason I pulled those cotton socks of mine fully up, knuckled down and finished my essay off. So all in all this yes girl is going pretty well, but I won’t speak to soon yet, I’m sure when the news spreads between my friends that I am doing this I will become the bank of the University of Kent! Right essay number two has to get done today because I’m off home to Croydon town tonight for yet another night of fun and frolics. Work hard... Play harder.

Yes - 1 NO - 0

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